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c0ral@livejournal.com ♥♥

the story of her life

The Best Damn Thing.
30 April 1991
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  • c0ral@livejournal.com
I like walking on beaches, drinking wine, eating cheese... (no really.)

singingintheshower, the sound of rain in the warmth of my duvet, popping bubble wraps, seeing snow first thing in the morning, seeing rainbows (because they almost never happen) reading poetry, writing when inspired, the talkies (yes i did just use that word) watching children play catch, the idea of love existing, the smell of muffins in the oven, autumn leaves falling, running around quite literally like a headless chicken, screaming in my pillow, crying in my bed, eating when i'm hungry, hot food when i'm cold, a hug when i need one, a kiss when i feel unloved, people voicing out, world peace, smiling just to fool someone, laughing till my stomach hurts, being unconventional

the list goes on.