wow. just... wow.
"there should be another word for wow". well, i second that.

it's been so damn long since i wrote in here. I've missed it so much. I've missed everything about this place that almost practically, almost completely, defined me, and that's all I can say for me really. It's sad but true - that the whole of my pathetic, useless little existence is quite literally made up of words - lots and lots of words.
Words that i've written. words that have been written about me.

In any case, i seem to have forgotten how to laugh, to sing, to dance, to experience the fullness of life - I'm pretty much stripped of all of such things that you do in life. And yes, it's because i'm still in this pathetic hole of a boarding school..the kind you see in old movies and on posters that say "with love from england", except they never look quite as dreary..or quite as miserable. Trust me, you don't know half the story.

Which brings me back to my entry - March the Fourth! Who would have thought? A brand new me. Well actually, this is merely a pathetic little attempt to "create" a "brand new me" in all my shame of having wasted the past year rotting myself away, and accomplishing nothing, except straight As in school. A school that brainwashes..
Actually i think brainwashing is a common practise in all schools. Why is that? We need liberty in this boringass world. Education is important. And so is life - and so where does that leave us all?

Sometimes, all we need to do is break those chains and run. And i don't mean just running from rules, and obligations - from decorum and pretense - I mean running from that part of you that's holding you down. And running to everything that forms the purpose of your existence.

Well that wasn't so bad for a two-year due entry. You'll be hearing a lot more from me folks - if any one is listening - HELLO :) and welcome to my world. it's changed a lot since the two years ago that i was here.
and it's just gonna keep changin.

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